we aim for quality and quantity.

We are a company whom design custom made hats for the young, the sporty, the stylish and the chique, we aim for quality and quantity.

Who are Preier

It all started back in 2009…

After years of painting Petra designer at Preier came up with the idea to make hat-line creations as a wonderful alternative to creating a different style of art which is ready and on the go. To frame a face is a walking piece of art in itself and so it became to be a consistency stepping into the fashion industry.

Pursuing a reality…

Stepping into reality and realising this dream is not just surreal art-wear being created and that it is saleable like a piece of cake.

The Winter

The Stylish

The Queen

The Gladiator

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference…”

Winston Churchill

Future endeavours…

To make workshops happen and or make a strong company portfolio for the unemployed helping them back into work whilst selling these pieces in bulk is an idea worth realising.

Workshops and future endeavours…

No problem! We can realise this avenue with an atelier at hand, materials and equipment, rent and workforce but funding is needed, so let’s sell these babies.

The Rasta

The Chique

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